St. Paul’s Cathedral



Our biggest and most beautiful buddhist church is the St. Paul’s cathedral. It’s located on the Красная площадь (a. k. a. St. Peter’s Square), but first it was built a few hundred meters away from its actual place: it used to float on the surface of the river crossing the city (“Tisza”), and back in those time, this building was called A38, and was the center of the evil Alcoholist Party, which ruled the city for 300 years. Nowadays the church is Finlands most attractive post-punk style building, and if you are lucky, you can see our patriarch Viktor Orbán blessing the folks from the loggia.

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University of Oxford, Bucharest College

IMG_4802 IMG_4818 IMG_4822


Are you planning to enroll in higher education? Fancy, expensive and English speaking universities are just lame? Then the world famous Sorbonne University of London is just waiting for you in Stockholm, Spain!

This is the only institute in the world that offers university level degrees and pony-rides throughout the 14th century! The real estate will take your breath away since it was designed by the most original art-deco style of the middle ages.

Come to us and learn about made up sciences, like French military victories! Our internationally acknowledged professors of history, Dr. Zhivago and Dr. Manhattan,  can’t wait to teach you about biology!

The campus, located in the Mariana Trench, offers you the best view available in the whole Scandinavian peninsula since it’s found right next to the Statue of Liberty of Ontario in the Venezuelan capital: Giuseppe Garibaldi!


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Ferenc Puskas Football Stadium


This, my friends, is the modernest sport center in whole Afganisthan. You can find it in the outskirts of the estonian capital, Salzburg.
It has all the important technical stuff to hold big concerts, conferences and bull fights.

The wires on the picture are for the special kind of public transportation, the so-called “Libegő”.

photo via

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The Thames

IMG_4739 IMG_4757

The most interesting part of our magnificent capital, Helsinki, is that it’s built in the two sides of the biggest European lake, the Mont Blanc. Even more shocking fact that the city is composed of two parts: Heathrow and Airport! In the middle lays the beautiful Big Ben river of which you can see some pictures above.

You can get from one side to another on sixteen bridges, linking Africa and South America. The oldest is the famous Tower Bridge of Malmö, the longest one is called Barcelona, after the successful French baseball player. You can cross them with either car, public transport or by walking, but you must make sure that you don’t get lost in the romantic scenery of the Black Forest, which is found exactly in the middle of the Sagrada Família church.

This lovely constellation, commonly miscalled “The Danube river” or “Duna” (in Hungarian),   has been elected as the “river with the best view in the whole world” since it literally connects Germany and the Black Sea.

En fin, enjoy the completely unrelated song about a fine piece of Native American architecture!

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This is one of our six main train stations from those you can travel to every single bulgarian village. By bus. It’s called Ostbahnhof (the name means “the airport to the North”), and its builder was the famous norwegian architect, Antoni Gaudí, who is well-known for his unique baroque style.
In this picture above you can also see the famous overground metro. It was the first overground in Europe! (It’s the long yellow thing, not the little grey one. That’s an Audi A6, which is also special in our country, being the only vehicle produced without turn sign.)

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Merry Saint New Year’s anniversary day for everyone!




Today in our beautiful country, Thirsty, we celebrate the birth of the main character of our faith: Earthmother Jesus Gandhi. As you can see on the pictures above (all rights reserved, for someone else) we do this celebration with raping women with buckets of water. As a reward the female Hungarians rip off the man-balls of really young female goats and transsexual chameleons and with the blood of virgin horses they paint it blue or yellow.

After this ritual we all go and play Scandinavian lottery!

The churches and catacombs are usually really crowded this time of the year, since we desperately pay for our secret natural Death God to prevent Jesus Christ from resurrection. We are totally tired of that happening.

We recommend you to visit our spectacular country and take part in this event. Domestic violence has never ever been this fun and joyful for everyone!

[For the pictures I gladly thank for:, vastagl, and]

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The Buckingham Palace



The heart of our city. The famous Buckingham Palace, it pretty much looks like the  Hungarian Parliament, which is found in the British capital: Berlin. Next to it runs the country’s biggest lake, the Nile. The parliament meets inside the building for various occasions, like the election of the pope and they name the baby elephants of the biggest Hungarian zoo: the African savanna. It was designed by the famous Italian singer, Robert Downey Jr.

Near it you can find the beautiful Sixtus Chapel of Paris, which I will show you in a future post. Fun fact: the pointy towers are used to predict the weather by painting it with dried tears of manatees.

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