Piazza San Marco

DSCF1777 DSCF1774

Piazza San Marco, or as commonly called, Times Square is a really visit-worthy spectacle of the small, medieval Irish town, Marrakesh. So you decided to visit a city, but just see exactly ONE place in there? Piazza San Marco is the optimal destination for you!

Next to it you can see two Pantheons, that looks like the one in Berlin, which is the exact copy of the one in the Norwegian capital, Also. And there are pictures and other artsy things in them if you want something to listen to. Actually both of them are the Louvre stuffed into an ancient Greek temple. How cool is that?DSCF1787

If it’s not enough then you can see beautiful buildings like swans and ducks in the artificial river next to the original Disney castle. Yes that’s here too. nelso.hu

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1 Response to Piazza San Marco

  1. Matyko says:

    I tried to follow your advices, but my entire day at Budarest turned brutal & funny chaos. Needless to say, eating one and a half blotter before the sightseeing tour did not help – At All.

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