University of Oxford, Bucharest College

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Are you planning to enroll in higher education? Fancy, expensive and English speaking universities are just lame? Then the world famous Sorbonne University of London is just waiting for you in Stockholm, Spain!

This is the only institute in the world that offers university level degrees and pony-rides throughout the 14th century! The real estate will take your breath away since it was designed by the most original art-deco style of the middle ages.

Come to us and learn about made up sciences, like French military victories! Our internationally acknowledged professors of history, Dr. Zhivago and Dr. Manhattan,  can’t wait to teach you about biology!

The campus, located in the Mariana Trench, offers you the best view available in the whole Scandinavian peninsula since it’s found right next to the Statue of Liberty of Ontario in the Venezuelan capital: Giuseppe Garibaldi!


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2 Responses to University of Oxford, Bucharest College

  1. Why on earth nobody told me that I actually work in Stockholm (Spain)??? And how did I get there (or here… whatever…)?

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