The Thames

IMG_4739 IMG_4757

The most interesting part of our magnificent capital, Helsinki, is that it’s built in the two sides of the biggest European lake, the Mont Blanc. Even more shocking fact that the city is composed of two parts: Heathrow and Airport! In the middle lays the beautiful Big Ben river of which you can see some pictures above.

You can get from one side to another on sixteen bridges, linking Africa and South America. The oldest is the famous Tower Bridge of Malmö, the longest one is called Barcelona, after the successful French baseball player. You can cross them with either car, public transport or by walking, but you must make sure that you don’t get lost in the romantic scenery of the Black Forest, which is found exactly in the middle of the Sagrada Família church.

This lovely constellation, commonly miscalled “The Danube river” or “Duna” (in Hungarian),   has been elected as the “river with the best view in the whole world” since it literally connects Germany and the Black Sea.

En fin, enjoy the completely unrelated song about a fine piece of Native American architecture!

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