Merry Saint New Year’s anniversary day for everyone!




Today in our beautiful country, Thirsty, we celebrate the birth of the main character of our faith: Earthmother Jesus Gandhi. As you can see on the pictures above (all rights reserved, for someone else) we do this celebration with raping women with buckets of water. As a reward the female Hungarians rip off the man-balls of really young female goats and transsexual chameleons and with the blood of virgin horses they paint it blue or yellow.

After this ritual we all go and play Scandinavian lottery!

The churches and catacombs are usually really crowded this time of the year, since we desperately pay for our secret natural Death God to prevent Jesus Christ from resurrection. We are totally tired of that happening.

We recommend you to visit our spectacular country and take part in this event. Domestic violence has never ever been this fun and joyful for everyone!

[For the pictures I gladly thank for:, vastagl, and]

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